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CV / Resume Sourcing

We help staffing firms globally with our extensive range of tailored services

iSourceRPO is a Recruting Process Outsourcing company which provides CV/Resume Sourcing services and support to customers all around the globe. Getting the right CV/Resume for a position often becomes a tough challenge. We can handle this challenge easily on your behalf. We maintain a wide range of database. Our Souring experts can handle all type domains and levels of requirement needs. You can outsource all your recruitment needs to us. Get Resume Sourcing services from us. After getting the resume sourcing support from us, you can really feel relieved. This will enable you to save a considerable amount in the recruitment process.

Avail Benefits of CV / Resume Sourcing Services at iSourceRPO.

  • iSourceRPO provides complete CV/Resume Sourcing and Screening solution. We help employers and Staffing Agencies with exclusive Resume Sourcing services. With the capability to sourcing resumes from multiple job boards and databases, our company serves various industries and provides top quality resumes for our clients. Our clients enjoy a high return on investment (ROI) as we go a step beyond and deliver sustainable outcomes within a firm turnaround time.
  • We provide dedicated Resume Sourcing Specialists exclusively working on your requirements. We customize our services and Implement the project plans as per your needs. You can always enjoy our prepaid services with the feasibility to sign in and sign off anytime with a short notice period.
  • Once after getting the job description of the position and the required competencies such as desired qualifications, experience, etc. we start our CV/Resume Sourcing process. The requirement can be at the junior level or the top level positions. We have the capacity of handling candidates of all hierarchies. We can get the best candidates for you to select as per your organization’s need.
  • We have our internal database which is quite rich. This serves as an excellent reference source. Which includes CV searching from online JOB BOARDS, Personal ATS Database, Search Engines, Social Networks, and from Online Communities and Groups.
  • We have 2 Layer Quality Check process by our Quality Managers before a Sourcer finally sends you the sourced resumes
  • Avail our services and get rid of the tedious Resume searching processes